Friday, 1 May 2015

Blog Every Day in May Day 1 - Introduction

Wow! It's May 1st already and I'm super excited to be doing #BEDM again. I tend to be a lazy blogger so the discipline of blogging every day is good for me and forces me, in the nicest possible way, to attend to my poor, neglected blog.

For the introduction prompt I decided to steal an idea I've seen on other blogs and do and A-Z of me. Sorry if it's really boring (maybe I am too!) but here goes...

A is for Aston Villa - my team, my boys, my frequent heartache. Bleeding claret and blue for the B6 boys!

B is for Birmingham, my home town. I'm a proud Brummie, although I don't think I'd like living there now - too big and loud.

C is for cats, my babies. I can't imagine living in a house without at least 1 cat. We have 3 at the moment but I'm always up for more ... hint, hint!

D is for daydreaming. Is there a better way to spend a few hours?

E is for English, which I used to teach. Some days I miss it - then I remember the rubbish admin stuff, the petty jealousies and bullying and am glad I left when I did.

F is for Florence, my favourite place on the planet. If only I could be 18 and move there to learn Italian ... well, a girl can dream.

G is for gin!

H is for home, favourite place to be. I may be a hermit crab. But it's also for holiday, can't beat a nice break in the sun.

I is for Italian food - can't beat a pizza or a plate of pasta.

J is for Johanne - yes it's a funny spelling, I'm ok with it after all these years and I think I like being a bit different.

K is for knitting, my craft of choice.

L is for lazy. I know I should go to the gym and do more but ...

M is for Mum, miss mine everyday, try to be a good one for my boy.

N is for Nordic. I love the style of Scandinavia and you can't beat a good Scandi murder mystery.  

O is for Oxfordshire, where I live and where my maternal family come from.

P is for poetry, I like to read and write poetry. Not sure I'm any good but it makes me feel good...

Q is for quip. I do like a good quip and some wordplay.

R is for Radiohead! And no, they're not depressing! It's also for reading which I love.

S is for Sigur Ros, the best Icelandic band ever. I love you guys!

T is for television, a guilty pleasure, I watch far too much!

U is for umbrella - I hate them! Too much trouble, always losing them, blow inside out ...

V is for veggie. Pass the cheesy pasta with extra mushroom!

W is for Weymouth where I went to college, met some lovely people and had an awesome 4 years.

X is for X-word - I know it's cheating but I love doing crosswords, preferably with my more intelligent son.

Y is for yesterday, when everything I've put off should have been done. I could procrastinate for England!

Z is for ziggurat - it's a cool word I learned many years ago and I can't think of another Z word!

So there you are, that's a bit of me. I'm looking forward to meeting some other bloggers through #BEDM and hopefully finding some new friends.


  1. What does 'ziggurat' mean? And does it matter?

    1. A ziggurat is a stepped pyramid built in ancient Mesopotamia. And, no, it doesn't matter at all!