Sunday, 24 May 2015

BEDM Day 24 - Wanderlust

I'm very much a home body. I've travelled around the UK a bit and also a few countries in Europe. One trip to USA many years ago may be the only time I do long haul - it is rather traumatic. So the topic of Wanderlust is a tricky one for me as I'm lacking in the travelling spirit.

We holiday most years in either Greece or Turkey. Not very adventurous countries and we go to Neilson resorts where we rarely venture far from the holiday complex. So you can see my dilemma!

However, if I were to be given a free rein to travel anywhere I'd love to go to Denmark. I have loved watching BBC 4's Danish dramas recently and they have given me a real taste for all things Danish. I love the look of Scandinavian interior design, the clean lines and minimalistic look. I'm sure there are plenty of hoarders in Denmark whose homes look stuffed and scruffy! But I'm only interested in the neat and tidy ones with impeccable design credentials; that's what I aspire to for my home but I know I will never achieve.

I'd happily pop in to any of the Scandinavian countries but something about Denmark is really attractive. The fact that it regularly tops the list of best/happiest places to live makes me think there must be something to investigate. And I can visit Lego Land - everything is better in Lego after all!

So buy me a ticket to Copenhagen and I'll bring you back a Danish pastry - well, maybe send you a photo of one ...

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