Friday, 26 June 2015

Word of the Week - Friendship

Trying to get back into the groove after a holiday is always a struggle and I've had no time to blog lately. Next week I re-launch my blog so I'm busy with planning that. However, this week my word is ...


I met up with some college friends this week. We hadn't seen each other for around 10 years but it took us 0.0001 nanoseconds to get back to our old friendship. It was a perfect day in Salisbury - tea and lunch, lots of laughs, tons of memories. I loved what little I saw of Salisbury but I'm sure I'll go back for a proper look round as it was so pretty.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Prose for Thought - Bold

To boldly go where no man has gone before ...

No thanks, I don't do bold.
I'm a wimp, a coward, a wuss.
I've no adventurous spirit, don't want to be a pioneer.

Great view from the top of that mountain?
Lovely. Show me the photo when you get back.

Adrenaline rush on that thrill ride?
Fantastic. I'll hold the coats.

Turn up the sound on this action movie?
Sure.Let me lock out the axe murderer first.

Turn out the lights while watching a scary movie?
No problem. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me, lights blazing.

I don't do heights or noises or speed or danger or thrilling or intrepid or ... well anything really.

So I won't go boldly if you don't mind.
I'll sit here quietly waiting for it all to be over,
Than calm myself with a nice cup of tea.

Word of the Week - Patience

There could have been many words for this week - I'm still fizzing with excitement about revamping my blog! - but I plumped for one which is a real struggle!

I'm having to be patient about my new look blog. I'm working through a Blogging Bootcamp to make sure that when I do relaunch the blog will be the best I can make it. But it does mean that I'm having to wait to get cracking with the new look blog and I have so many ideas that I'm ready to burst! So I'm trying to practise some patience.

I'm off on holiday soon and so I'm really excited about that. Of course it seems like ages until we go and again I'm too excited for words. So once more I need patience.

But I'm not a naturally patient person  - if I want something I want it now!

So I'm trying very hard to be patient and hoping that I won't explode before it all comes to pass.

The Prompt - To be a... (Letter to Elena)

Dear Elena,

I have followed your journey with great interest, read about your joy at finding out about your pregnancy and I have loved hearing about your excitement every time you went to a scan. As your little Pea developed you've shared each step with your friends through Twitter and we've squealed with delight when you told us you were expecting a boy.

Then you went quiet and I missed your cheery tweets and news. I carried on with my life, planning to revamp my blog and looking forward to my holiday.

At last a tweet, but it was vague; promising to come out of hibernation soon. I guessed that you'd been struck down with the summer bug that has laid so many low and waited patiently to hear how you were.

But it wasn't a summer bug. Your last scan had thrown up some problems and you had all been through a terrible ordeal. Luckily the doctor's first diagnosis was incorrect and you can look forward to welcoming you little Pea soon. You now know that he's a Downs baby and that means things have changed. Your message shines with the love you have for him and all you Twitter friends know you'll be a fabulous mum.

We all try to send you positive vibes and love through our Twitter messages but somehow that always seems inadequate. I want to reach out with a real hug rather than *hugs* but I have to make the best with what I have. I want to spend an age with you, helping you to come to terms with your new circumstances and offering my friendship and support. I want to tell you about the wonderful support that is out there, the friendships you'll make with other parents in the same position as you, the unconditional love and joy your little boy will bring you. It's so hard through the Internet but I hope you know that many people are thinking of you all and rooting for you at a time when it must seem that life has given you a mighty thump.

But most of all I wish I could be a better friend to you, even though we've never met.

All my love to you.