Sunday, 10 May 2015

BEDM Day 10 - Wishlist

I've always struggled with compiling wish lists or bucket lists. I don't find it easy to come up with what I think is an achievable list, things that I really, truly think would be possible.

Perhaps I'm missing the point of them. Maybe it need blue sky thinking - also something I'm not too good at. I have a fairly active imagination but if it comes to putting that to use with myself in the equation then I back aware shaking my head. I admire people who have come up with a list of things they want to do before they get to 30, 40, 50. I admire people who come up with a list of things to do before the terminal disease they suffer from ends their life. But as for a list for myself - well that's more difficult.

What should be on the list? Places I want to visit? People I'd like to meet? Things I'd like to do? Where do I start? OK, let's see if I can put a little flesh on those bones...

Places to visit.
I'd like to go back to Florence and I'd also like to visit other places in Italy - Rome, Naples, Vatican City, Venice, Milan ... I could go on and on. Maybe I should make it 'Move to Italy'!
I'd love to visit Scandinavia especially Copenhagen, Finland to see some Moomins, Ystad to see where Wallender lived and worked and a return trip to Iceland would be fine.
I've always fancied a trip to Ireland - it seems daft that it's only across the Irish Sea and yet I've never been. Drinking a Guinness in a Dublin pub would be my first port of call!

People to meet.
There are many people I admire but I'm always worried that if I met them in real life I'd be disappointed. So maybe I should leave the illusion and keep them at arms length.
It would be cool to re-connect with some friends from school and college so a big get together would be good.

Things to do.
I'm not a swimming with dolphins girl (can't swim for a start) so I'm struggling with tings I'd like to do.
I'd like to hear the choir sing on May Day morning on Magdalen Bridge.
I'd like to have a meal at Le Manoir (without worrying about the bill!)
Can't think of anything else ...

Does this make me sound really boring or unambitious?
Well I've never really had much ambition so that's true.
But generally I'm content with how things are and I'm not sure that having a long list of things to do would make my life any better.  But a trip to Florence ...      

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