Monday, 25 May 2015

BEDM Day 25 - Contemplation

For a while now I've been thinking of re-vamping my blog. Although I enjoy writing my contributions for Word of the Week and The Prompt I've found it a struggle to know what else to do with the blog.

I don't seem to have any structure of direction in it. It ambles along and I don't feel bonded to it. There is so much potential in blogging that I feel I'm missing out by not being more focused in my blog. I haven't yet found my niche, my place in the blogosphere where I feel happy and belong.

So I decided to get some help to find my direction and turned to a Blogging Bootcamp. This is designed to help me find my blogging mojo through a series of interesting exercises.

And here's the thing; I started out with a set notion of what sort of blog I thought I wanted to write. I was sure I knew how I wanted it to look and sound and feel. I was so sure I wanted to write a blog about writing and my misguided ideas of being a writer. After all, the things I was most committed to in blogging so far have been writing tasks like The Prompt. So it was obvious that's where I was going, wasn't it?

But now I'm starting to change my mind. I'm starting to think that what I want to write is a lifestyle type blog. Not one of those ones which give you serious home envy and make you feel like a totally inadequate home owner. But an honest blog about life as a plus size, unfit, unhealthy middle aged woman.

Most of the blogs I read are lifestyle or parenting blogs. They are well written, full of lush photos and written by inspiring women. But they're all so young! Mostly in their 30s with little children. Difficult for me to relate to if I'm honest. I love reading about their families and it all brings back some lovely memories but the days of potty training, learning to read and temper tantrums are over for me (OK I confess, I still have the odd tantrum!)

So where are the lifestyle blogs for women like me? I'm sure they must be out there but I've yet to find them. Maybe what I need to do is start writing one. After all I can't be the only one who has a life like mine...

Now my dilemma is whether this is the direction to take or whether I should stick to my original idea of a blog to showcase my writing. I'm hoping as the Bootcamp progresses I'll get a firmer sense of where this blogging voyage is going to take me next.


  1. Johanne, have you found Post40Bloggers? I hope you find your niche. Sue

    1. Thanks for commenting Sue, I'll certainly look at that website.