Friday, 30 January 2015

The Prompt

Reading the posts in this week's The Prompt I have been struck by the number of people writing in celebration of their family.  So that's where I take my inspiration for this post and I give you 
My parents gave me and my sister the happiest of childhoods. I can't speak for her totally so I'll use my own experiences and memories to show you what I mean. I always felt loved. There was never a day when I doubted that. This gave me a real sense of security and for that I'll always be grateful. I remember only good and happy times (OK there was the odd teenage tantrum but let's gloss over that!)  My parents were loving, sensible, solid people and the start I got in life was nothing short of perfect.  Don't get me wrong, we were an ordinary working class family, nothing flash but I wouldn't change a thing (perhaps I'd be taller, slimmer and have more boyfriends!)
My sister is a few years younger than me. We fought like cat and dog for periods of our childhoods. We hardly seemed to have anything in common let alone were related. However as we grew and 'matured' we became closer. We don't live physically close but I think of her and her lovely family often. I know that there is a bond between us that is hard to define; I'd do anything for her and I know she'd always be there for me, having my back and holding my coat. Thanks sis, you're an awesome angel!  
My own family is small but perfectly formed. I've been married for more years than I care to remember to a wonderful man. He's a bit dotty at times, drives me mad by not paying attention when I'm talking but I wouldn't swap him for anything - not even Benedict Cumberbatch (although I could be tempted to stray for dinner with the divine Benedict)
I have a son who exasperates me on a daily basis. I'm sure that this is common to all parents. However he's clever, witty, erudite and keeps me on my toes whenever there's a quiz or crossword to be done. I dread the day he leaves me as there will be a huge hole in my life without him (not that I'll miss the socks!)
All these relationships and people I celebrate. My life would be a sadder thing without them.
So today I thank them for being part of my life and celebrate the love they give me, returning it a million times (with bells and pink glitter!) 

Navel Gazing Word of the Week

This I've been thinking about my blog a lot.  I feel that I've been neglecting it lately and I was concerned that the sparkle had gone out of the whole blogging experience.

After much navel gazing I'm thinking that the problem is that there is no 'theme' to the blog. It has no focus and no direction so it's hard for me to know what to put on it and when.

Originally I thought it would just be a space for me to write about whatever I wanted to. In reality it means there is no inspiration to get me tapping away at the keyboard. I've also no regular scheduled time to post - I don't have a weekly or monthly 'thing' to blog about. Word of the Week is great at getting me to put something up but I feel it needs more and varied content; after all, who wants to read a blog that consists of a list of words!

So I need to find a theme, something that I can use as a focus for my poor old blog - I'm starting to empathise with it as a neglected, ageing person (rather like me!).

Any suggestions? How did you find you blogging theme and mojo?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Word of the Week

Another week, another word!


So this week be received our mortgage statement. Wow, I hear you saying, how exciting!  Yes, normally I'm with you on that one but this time was different.  We pay off our mortgage this year and it was so lovely to see it in print, to contemplate the day the house belongs to us outright.
The prospect of this got me thinking.

I remember the scary feeling when we got our first mortgage.  It all felt so grown up and to be honest I didn't feel much like a grown up!  In my head I remain a silly giggly thing, not the sort who would have a mortgage, or even a house come to think of it.  I rang a friend and squealed at her down the phone that I'd just done a scary grown up thing and didn't recognise the person who had just bought a house as me!

Now, many years down the line, it's about to be over, the mortgage years.  Lovely hubby said I can go back to being a not-grown-up, which is a lovely thought.  I'm seeing inappropriate shoes, not wearing sensible coats in winter and walking home from an evenings dancing barefoot eating chips. Do you think that's what he meant?

It got me thinking about moving into a new phase of our lives.  New things are always scary and I don't react well to change.  I like my routines and I like my 'happy places' so there's something worrying about what lies ahead.  In reality things will probably stay the same but I'm a great one for seeing problems on the horizon, even when there's no need to.

I've also been thinking about getting older.  I know it happens and there's nothing I can do about that but I still don't have to like it.  I don't think I'm in bad shape for my age but the future is filled with potential issues.  Head is now buried firmly in the sand at this point but still ... tempus fugit.

So now I need to look positively to the future, a future which is mortgage free, filled with possibilities and new adventures - nothing too scary though, Life, OK?

Friday, 16 January 2015

Word of the Week

Oh January where are you going?  I'm not doing too well with keeping on top of things - bad me!
However, I'm making a fresh start with Word of the Week!

My word for this week is ...

I've been knuckling down this week to get on top of a writing assignment I have taken on.  The deadline is the end of the month  but I'm hoping to get it done and submitted next week - fingers crossed.

I hope to have a more exciting word next week - let's see if I can do something interesting to talk about!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Word of the Week

It's that time of the year again, New Year Resolutions and all that. So it's no surprise that my #WOTW is ...

Resolutions never last long with me so this year I've decided to pass on them.  Instead I've made myself some promises.

I've promised myself that I'll try to have a healthier 2015. I've decided that in January I'll increase the number of spin classes I do which should help a little.  Small steps are more achievable than giant leaps.

I've promised myself that I'll read a book by a new author each month.  I feel the need to shake my reading up a little and I look forward to discovering new favourites along the way.  So any suggestions would be wonderful.

I've promised to enjoy more positive things this month.  I've joined up with Katie over at - there are so many god things in life yet I have a tendency to dwell on the bad so this will be good for me.

So there we are, colours nailed to the mast; let's see how it goes.