Tuesday, 18 January 2022

What's Next On My Reading List? - #bloganuary


Each New Year I set a number of books to read in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I usually go rather modest and pick 20 or 25, knowing that's very achievable. No point setting myself up to fail this early in the year!

This year however, I asked my darling sone what number I should set and without missing a beat he said '50'! I took a deep breath and 'Challenge accepted!' So now I have to get through 50 books in 2022...

That being said, I'm on my fourth already so maybe it's going to be ok. To that end I've started by reading slim volumes which can be read easily in two or three sittings. Cheating? Not at all... 😉

So my next book is Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pam, another slim volume which weighs in at less than 200 pages. I also learned that it was Booker nominated so I have high hopes of a good read.

Monday, 17 January 2022

What Is A Superpower You'd Love To Have - #bloganuary

 Ah, the old superpowers prompt...

Every time this one comes up I run through all the usual superpowers and one by one I reject them. 

Flying, yes that would be cool. But after a while where would I go? I don't see the attraction of just popping out for a fly around anymore than I understood the attraction of going out for a drive when I was a child.

Invisibility, also cool. I'm quite good at staying 'invisible' anyway and after the thrill of creeping up behind folk and yelling 'Boo!' wore off that's invisibility done.

Super strength might come in useful when I can't get the lid off a jar but there aren't many monsters to vanquish round here so it's got limited appeal.

X-ray vision? Too much information.

Super intelligence? Got that!

But one superpower that I might have use for at the moment is the ability to plan a bloody novel! I've just had a great new idea, uses some of my existing characters and could be super cool but there's a massive plot hole and I've got nothing. So, super novel planning powers please, with a side order of how to get an agent...

Thursday, 13 January 2022

An Ideal Day - #bloganuary

My ideal day starts in a beautiful bedroom where I wake early under linen sheets and a cosy eiderdown. Someone has left tea in a china cup for me and as I sip I enjoy the view through the window. Hills in the distance with trees along the ridge, fields in the middle distance with sheep dotted across them, a sparkling river weaves its way through the meadows where cows munch lush grass and willows dip their leaves into the slow-moving shallows.

Breakfast is taken on the terrace - porridge and toast with creamy butter and thick-cut marmalade. More tea poured from a silver teapot while a fluffy orange cat winds around the legs of my chair. The unobtrusive staff clear the table and I write letters, read and make notes for my next best-selling novel. The morning is warm and the scent of the flowers is heady. I stir myself for a stroll around the garden before lunch.

A crisp linen tablecloth adorns the table and I dine on salad, wafer-thin sandwiches and fruit with a couple of cocktails and sparkling water to wash it all down. My companion is witty, urbane and drop dead gorgeous. We laugh and gossip until mid-afternoon when I retire to the library and dash off a few chapters of my next blockbuster. 

Before dinner I fit in a nap, waking for tea and cake which magically appear on the bedside table. My dressing fairy has laid out a stunning Schiaparelli gown for me to wear. I spend far too long in a deep bubble bath and slip effortlessly into silky underwear and my violet frock. I spin around before the mirror, wonder if I can pull off such a daring colour and decide that I certainly can!

My dinner guests are assembled in the drawing-room sipping gin when I sweep into the room to audible gasps. We chat before the gong sounds and a tall, tanned handsome butler leads us into the dining room. The food is splendid, all my favourite flavours of mushroom and cheese with far too much bread. We sip fine wine and strong coffee after dessert which is rich and chocolatey. Someone plays the piano and we wander onto the terrace. Some people dance, some take a turn through the garden and I sit on a Lloyd Loom chair and share a couple of chapters of one of my novels. Later, after my guests have departed my handsome butler brings me hot chocolate and truffles. I retire, shedding my clothes onto the floor, secure in the knowledge that they will be picked up and looked after while I sink into my bubble bath. I'm drowsy and warm, happy as a clam and ready for bed. Slipping into satin pyjamas I slide into bed, sigh and dream of the most perfect day. 

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Do I Have A Favourite Emoji? - #bloganuary

 This is an interesting one because I don't really understand emoji. Until quite recently I thought that the aubergine emoji meant baba ganoushe for tea! But I do use emoji so after a quick trawl thought my Twitter and Facebook I found the one I use the most.


Part of the issue I have with social media is that there is no way to show tone of voice. What I type and intend to be tongue in cheek or jokey can come across differently. But add a winking emoji and hopefully the recipient knows I'm being playful. I don't tend to wink at people in real life, not very becoming in a lady of a certain age. The winking emoji does a lot of heavy lifting in my Twitter!