Tuesday, 12 May 2015

BEDM Day 12 - Food Glorious Food

This is Pixie AKA The Little Black Cat with her sister Dixie (sadly no longer with us) She is the subject of my blog post today.

Pixie is a hunter. She's really good at it and very proud of everything she catches. We've had more mice than I can remember, baby birds, adult birds, a rat and a bat. Last night she excelled herself by smuggling a fully grown, noisy, violent magpie through the cat flap! We managed to save that one and it sat on a roof across the garden swearing at us at 5am. I'm not keen when she brings birds home - I hate having to catch the live ones to release (I'm a bit funny about flapping birds - thanks for that, Mum!)  and I hate having to hoover up the feathers of the ones she's plucked and eaten. Everything else I just give her a Paddington stare and clear up.

The prompt for today is Food Glorious Food; I have a chequered history with food which makes that a difficult thing for me to deal with at the moment so I've gone out on a limb to write about Pixie and her 'interesting' diet! I know, as a cat lover and owner of many years, that some cats are hunters and others aren't. We've had our fair share of hunters who love to bring their 'presents' home. I know that it's just their natural instincts and when they bring the kill home it's because they're trying to show the rubbish humans how it's done. They don't really need the food so the playing with the kill on the lawn is all part of them practising their skills.

But Pixie loves to eat her kills. She's not hungry - we do feed her! - but she obviously likes the taste of fresh and feathery. I love her to pieces, understand why she does what she does and accept it, I even understand that it's my place to clear up after her; but I hate the live birds flying round the lounge and I hate the nasty crunching noise she makes on the landing outside my bedroom in the early hours as she enjoys her Food Glorious Food! 

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