Wednesday, 6 May 2015

BEDM Day 6 - Blog Love

Today's prompt is all about sharing the bloggie love. I confess to only following a few blogs on a regular basis, others I drop into when they feature on a linky that I take part in.

So here are some of my favourites and a little taster of why I enjoy reading them.

Obviously I follow Rosalilium - well, I wouldn't be here taking part in BEDM if I didn't, would I? Apart from the brilliant BEDM & BEDN features what I like about Rosalilium is the travel side of her blog. I'm not and never have been an adventurous traveller and at this stage in my life I don't suppose I'll suddenly morph into one. So I enjoy reading the travel experiences of Elizabeth and her hunky bloke Raj. Their recent trip to an elephant sanctuary had me going 'ahh' for quite a while. I also dip into Raj's blog from time to time over at Average Chap to get an alternative viewpoint of the same trip.

Another favourite is The Reading Residence hosted by Jocelyn. I try to join in with Word of the Week most weeks as it's an interesting exercise to reflect on my week and try to sum it up in a single word - not always as easy as it sounds. I'm also enjoying reading about the antics of her two lovely children, especially as Boo has now started school and is spreading her wings a little.

Every week I try to join in with The Prompt at Mum Turned Mom. Through Sara's blog detailing her wring and ex-pat experiences in America I've found a whole host of writing blogs which I dip into every now and then, drawing inspiration from the wonderful things they write.

Despite not being much of a beauty/make-up consumer I enjoy reading Tales of a Pale Face. Kat is obviously an expert/obsessive about make-up and I enjoy looking at her reviews of products and seasonal colours. If I needed to research a product or check out a trend then Kat's blog would be my first port of call.

I'm trying to do a mini cull of the blogs that pop up on my feed and add some new ones - not because I don't enjoy the ones which I'm waving goodbye to; but I noticed that I was following a lot of blogs about being a mum to young children and babies - this is not a part of my life anymore and I wasn't really engaging with them. Goodness how they all got there, I must have been trying to fill my feed up!  I'm hoping to add some more writing blogs so I'm looking forward to reading some other blog suggestions as I trawl through some BEDM posts for today.   

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