Friday, 22 May 2015

BEDM Day 22 - What's In Your Bag?

What a nosey lot we are. When I saw this prompt I thought 'Goody, a chance to rummage through the contents of some handbags and see what everyone has got'. So I confess to looking forward to a good nosey through some bags!

Here is the contents of my bag at the moment. I'm not sure it's that interesting but you never know, it may provide some insight into the dark corners of my soul...

Sorry it's such a rubbish picture - my phone is so ancient that the screen is tiny and it's tricky to see what I've actually got in frame - hence the edge of the table and my foot!

I've always got a book in my bag and at the moment I'm reading a biography of Jonathan Swift by Victoria Glendinning, bought by my sister and recently selected as a rare non fiction choice.

You can never have too many notebooks - there are two in shot and another one in my organiser. Always useful for writing impromptu shopping lists, snatches of conversations and ideas for writing.

I'm obsessed with having a working pen so I carry several in my dinky pencil case - all pink at the moment!

My purple organiser thing contains all the bits and that I can't bear to be without - more pens, tissues, painkillers, cold sore cream, cheque book, comb, lip gloss, mirror etc - I love the fact I can move it from bag to bag. I sound like a real anorak don't I?

I always have my Onya bag for sudden shopping urges - saves collecting plastic supermarket bags so is good for the environment - keep it green!

Things you may notice are missing from my bag - phone, I only carry my phone if I'm going on a journey or need to listen to some music; it's the least mobile phone in the world, always in a drawer! Also no makeup - I use so little it's not worth carrying around - that's why I always look like a bag lady!

So there you go, make of that what you will. Have you analyses me as a sociopath? Or just a rather boring middle aged woman?

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