Monday, 4 May 2015

BEDM Day 4 - Guilty Pleasure

'Well this one has me foxed; pretty sure I have no guilty pleasures,' I said.

'Really?' he said, 'what about ...?'

And I knew at once that he was right.

If a definition of guilty pleasure is something that you secretly enjoy, nay love, but would rather not admit to then, yes, I have a guilty pleasure.

It sucks hours from my day, time I could be spending being productive on my lovely blog.
It brings out the worst in me, making me judgemental and leaves me feeling superior.
It brings no joy into my life other than making me feel smug.
I can't talk about it in polite conversation; it only makes people look at me as if I've gone doolally.
None of my family understands my guilty pleasure and they roll their eyes when I indulge.

There must be some help out there for me, a support group for the sad little band of sufferers.

Time for a confession...

My name's Johanne and I love watching The Jeremy Kyle Show!

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