Saturday, 23 May 2015

BEDM Day 23 - Healthy Living

I confess, I know exactly what I should do to make my life more healthy.

I should cut back on the unhealthy carbs I love, I should give up sugar and watch my fat intake.
I should take more exercise, walk every day, go to the gym and re-start spin classes.

So I do know what I need to do. I have all the information at my finger tips. I am intelligent enough to know what to do and why.

But I'm lazy at heart. I don't like exercise and getting sweaty. I hate exercise classes as they're full of skinny minnies who are confident and co-ordinated.
But I'm greedy. I like carbs and fats, they taste so good. I don't enjoy celery, lettuce and kale - I want to eat chocolate and crisps.

So I'm at heart an unhealthy, greedy, lazy slob. Now the big question is - do I stay that way or do something about my inherently unhealthy lifestyle?

Wish I knew the answer to that. Now pass the Cadbury Dairy Milk ... 

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