Tuesday, 19 May 2015

BEDM Day 19 - Workspace

Fantasy workspace
In reality I work on a laptop perched on my lap in front of the TV, anything that needs a bit od spreading about migrates to the dining table. I have a few shelves of a tall bookcase for patterns, fabric, sewing box etc but no designated workspace.
We do have a spare bedroom but it is full of a big wardrobe and a bed, there's not enough room to swing a cat in there let alone work. There used to be a desk in there and I did use it to work back in the days when I was doing exam marking but then it reverted to a spare bedroom. Maybe one day ...
So what would I like in my ideal workspace? I'd love a funky desk like this one from IKEA

I love the open storage, useful for books, plants or cats! I can see it cluttered with nick nacks in no time.

I'd like a stylish chair, something that would look good with a cardie draped over the back. So I head again to IKE and come up with this one

I love the thick padding on this one - again it would suit a sleeping cat!

I like these boxes for organising things - I'd decorate them with bits and bobs (or at least I'd intend to - it might just be a lick of paint!)

Actually, just ship this office furniture in, add a little black cat and I'm happy!


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