Thursday, 21 November 2013

World Television Day

BEDN Day 21 - Television!

Well here's a topic I know something about!  I confess to be a Telly Addict; I watch far too much TV and it eats too much of my time. I should be more discerning in my viewing but I tend to out the TV on as soon as I get up and graze on anything it offers throughout the day. I watch some real rubbish in this way (as I type an old episode of Jeremy Kyle is playing) and I really feel that the time has come to be more selective in my viewing.

I could get so much more done if I stopped being glued to the TV.  In order to get anything productive done I need the TV switched off; it's too distracting and I watch passively until hours have passed by.  I wasn't brought up this way - the TV wasn't constantly on in my childhood home and Mum was quite scathing about friends who had the TV on all the time.  So why am I so addicted to this 'chewing gum for the eyes'?

Perhaps one of my goals for next year should be to watch less TV, to only watch the programmes I really want to watch rather than anything that happens to be on.  I promised myself last year that I'd listen to more radio and watch less TV; that never happened!  In fact I don't think it even got off the ground.  It was a vague promise that I made no effort to keep.

So I'll say here 'I'm a Telly Addict and I promise to watch less TV, being discerning about my viewing and turning the TV off when there is nothing I want to watch' 

Here's hoping I can stick to it this time  I'll report back ...

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