Sunday, 17 November 2013

Relax ...

BEDN Day 17, topic Relax, so take a deep breath and relax ...

I've never had any trouble relaxing -  if anything I have trouble un-relaxing.  I think I'm generally a fairly chilled character (not sure everyone would agree) so I can switch off without too much bother.  However, at certain times I can be a worrier - usually about things over which I have no control.  I inherited this from my mother who could get herself into a right stew about the silliest things.  Well, I thought they were silly then but sympathise with her now as I can be very similar at times.  Luckily this is not a regular occurrence!

For proper relaxation I need 5 things - a nice cup of tea, some chocolate (milk and Cadbury), a good book, Sigur Ros on the CD player (Ágætis byrjun by preference) and a lap full of cat.  Now I can stretch out across the settee and let all my  cares melt away. 

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  1. I think I am perhaps the opposite to you! Relaxing does not come easy - I like the sound of how you get there though :)