Tuesday, 19 November 2013


BEDN Day 19 (where has the time gone?) and today we talk about something from today's news.

On BBC Breakfast there was an item about the most popular new word of the past year - the 'winner' was selfie.  Although the word has been around for a while now it has come into more popular use over the last year, often on the back of Tweeted selfies from celebs.

I'll confess, I hate having my picture taken.  I run like crazy if I see a camera and if I really have to be in the photo I try to make sure I'm standing behind someone and usually trying to duck behind their back!  So it will come as no surprise that I've never taken a selfie.

I can't see the attraction.  Maybe if I was photogenic like some of the celebs than I might take selfies at the drop of a hat.  Maybe if I lived a thrilling life and had lots to share the I might take selfies.  Maybe if I was in an exotic location or standing next to Johnny Depp then I might take selfies.  None of these things apply so I've never succumbed to the lure of the selfie.

Am I missing something?  More importantly, is the world missing anything by not being included in my life?

Or should I just join in?

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