Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blogging ...

Day 9 of BEDN and we're thinking about blogging - why is Bob Marley playing in my head?

I'm a bad blogger - I forget that the darn thing needs love and attention so it gets ignored for weeks on end.  That's one of the reasons I signed up for BEDN, it's making me blog on a regular basis and also making me think about what I blog, sometimes out of my comfort zone which is stretching my writing muscles.

The problems I have with blogging are mostly technical.  I'm a real Luddite when it comes to technology - I have some old tech stuff and won't upgrade as I'm terrified I'll never learn how to use the new stuff.  So my blog is basic in the extreme. I'd love to have fancy sidebars (or whatever you call them!) and pretty personal to me features but I've no idea how to do it.  Nor do I know where to go to learn these skills (do they have a name, like blog modification?)

I'd love a posh, fancy blog but perhaps that wouldn't suit me.  I'm a low-tech girl and maybe it's fitting that my little blog reflects this.  I only hope that the quality(?) of the writing makes up for the lack of whistles and bells.    

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