Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas List

BEDN Day 29 and we're coming over all festive!

So what do I want for Christmas?  It's a long time since I wrote a letter to Father Christmas - no Santa for me, he'll always be Father Christmas.  I seem to spend ages thinking about what to get for everyone else that I rarely think about what I'd like.  So I'm going to throw caution to the wind and indulge myself for a few moments lusting after all sorts of stuff.

Top of the list are always books.  You can't go wrong buying me books; I love to read and always have at least 1 on the go.  I can't imagine going to bed and not reading - apart from Match Of The Day nights!  I'm a huge fan of Scandi murder mysteries so any of those would be perfect.

Another bottle of Chanel No5 would be wonderful too.  I usually get it when we go on holiday through the old duty free but this year I was seduced by Lady Gaga so I'm running low on Chanel!

If I'm going really fantasy then I'd love to go for afternoon tea at the Randolph!  It always looks so elegant in there and I love the ritual of a proper afternoon tea.  I think I might need a new outfit for that too (I can hear my husband saying 'no you don't' and my son saying 'not a new handbag you don't!')

I've just had a new programme for the Oxford Playhouse so tickets to some of the shows would make a great stocking filler, as would tickets to see Richard II with David Tennant or Henry V with Jude Law.  Mind you, any serious play in London would be nice - not a musical, I don't do musicals!

And if none of that is available the I'm still waiting for a romantic date with Benedict Cumberbatch - assuming he's free and picking up the bill at the end of the evening!

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