Saturday, 23 November 2013

Date Night!

BEDN Day 23 & we're going on a date!

Technically it's been years since I went on a date having been married for 31 years.  However it's now considered a done thing for married couples to have date nights - not sure why but presumably to keep the romance going. We don't really do romance in this marriage so have never done date nights.

But in the spirit of BEDN I'm going to imagine an imaginary date with my other half.

We're not ones for clubbing or staying out late so our date would be during the day.  A  nice stroll along the river, holding hands naturally (sometimes our son rolls his eyes at the fact that we still hold hands when out after all these years!)

If the weather is warm and sunny then we can find a nice spot to sit and chat, preferably on a seat but the grass will do at a push (feeling my age even in a fantasy!)  Then we could pop into one of the riverside pubs for a drink and bite to eat.  Returning home a nice cup of tea and cuddle with the cats would round off a nice date. 

It's not very rock and roll or romantic but it's the kind of thing that we enjoy doing and probably don't do enough.   

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