Saturday, 16 November 2013


BEDN Day 16, topic Hobbies and, surprise, surprise, I've taken a picture!

 This picture covers my current hobbies - knitting, which I'm always doing (great hobby for in front of the telly!); sewing, which I'm trying to get back into (there's a pair of trousers cut out in a bag somewhere!); reading, always at least 2 books on the go (this is for next); writing, which I do sporadically (and wish was more than a hobby); crochet, which I've just learned and wish I was better at (I'll attend a proper class soon); and cooking, well baking really (I make a mean lemon drizzle cake!)

When I think of hobbies I think about the ones I had as a child, stamp collecting being the main one.  I was never one of those children who had a load of out of school activities to go to and this became a problem when I had to fill out college applications - my form looked rather blank compared to other people's, all girl guiding, tap-dancing and outdoor pursuits! I've re-discovered the joys of having something to do in recent years and I suppose you could throw the umbrella of 'crafting' over my hobbies.

One interesting consequence of all this 'crafting' is my impending involvement in a film set in WW1 for which I will be knitting at least one garment.  So far I'm still waiting to get yarn and pattern although I've been told that I'm probably knitting a gents cardigan.  I promise to blog about it when there's more news.

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