Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Day 6 of #BEDN and the topic is stress, today being National Stress Awareness Day.

Well, I don't claim any great insights when it comes to stress - I have suffered from it in the past and have learned to recognise the signs in myself.  Whether that makes me better at coping or avoiding stress I don't know.  My problem is that I'm very bad at saying 'No'.  If I'm asked to do something my first and instant reaction is to say 'Yes'.  I was brought up to be helpful and accommodating so it comes naturally to me to help; this is not always good for my stress levels as I can find myself overstretched. 

My first encounter with 'bad' stress came when I took too much on at work and my support network failed.  I suddenly found myself unable to function and was signed off work for a while.  It took me several more years before I really started to recognise the triggers for myself and I'm still fighting the urge to say 'Yes' all the time.

So to anyone struggling with stress at the moment - don't give up, it will get better.  Find what works for you and take time out for yourself.

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