Friday, 8 November 2013

A Day in the Life

Day 8 of #BEDN and the topic is A Day in the Life, where I'm supposed to blog about my day.

Well my life is really boring!
8am make breakfast
8.30 finish breakfast
9am load washing machine
9.05 absentmindedly stroke cat

You get the picture ...

So I've decided to go 'off topic' today - forgive me #BEDN!

One of the lovely things about BEDN has been the chance to read other people's interesting blogs.  There are some genuinely fascinating ones out there and it's such a joy to learn about other people and their lives.  I've learned so much about crafting and cooking and lifestyle and ... well , you get the picture.

This has highlighted a problem with my blog - it has no focus.  It's a place where I ramble on about anything that takes my fancy.  While this may be good for my soul, it's not interesting for a reader.  I can now see why I've never got any comments or feedback on the blog - what do people comment on when everything is so random?  Also, I don't have any core or regular readers - there's no theme or context to the blog.  This poor blog is sick and needs fixing!

So I'm now wondering what to do with the poor thing.  I don't want to kill it off as these past few days blogging regularly have been very enjoyable.  I don't feel confident enough to do a lifestyle, crafting or cooking blog so I'm thinking of turning this blog into a 'literature' blog.  I love reading, do a lot of it and would like to share my love of books with others who are interested.  I'm not sure I want it to be an online book club (that way I can keep control of what I read!) but I'm not sure if that would be of any interest to anyone.  Maybe it could be a general 'popular culture' blog - or is that just an excuse to write about what I've watched on the telly?  Should I include other forms of Art and Culture?  What about including my own writing?

As you can see I have a lot of thinking to do!  Hopefully by the time the topic turns to blogging I'll have made some decisions, or at least be moving towards a decision.  Let me know what you think!


  1. I think a literature theme sounds fab. Definitely don't "kill off" anything you've posted so far, though. I've come close to deleting my whole blog in the past when I've read it back and hated it, but I came to the conclusion that all those posts were a part of me at the time of writing them, so it would be a shame to get rid ans forget.

  2. I used to think that my blog suffered from a lack of focus too - I could never find just one thing I wanted to write about. Then I realised that I enjoyed writing about all kinds of stuff which I found interesting, and it was more about the joy of writing it than getting hundreds of comments and visitors, but burning out on one particular theme.

    That said, I do talk about stuff regularly - photography, books, films and suchlike. I enjoy the scattergun approach.

    Keep blogging! We'll be the random ones :-)

  3. Cheers Dave! Nothing wrong with being random!

  4. I've had this problem too, I just simply have too many hobbies & interests to concentrate on just one topic, but was never sure how to include everything together. So mines ended up being random too, but I like to think as it, as more of a diary for me x