Friday, 15 November 2013

Favourite Folk

BEDN Day 15, topic Favourite Folk - how long do you have?

I've spent a long time today thinking about my favourite people and I could have an extensive list filled with my favourite celebs and sports people but I guess that's not the point of the topic.  So I've screwed that list up and I'm starting again with a more realistic and personal list.

Obviously first on the list is my husband of 31 years.  He's had to put up with a lot being married to me (I can be high maintenance at times!) but he's always been my greatest support.  He lets me be who I want/need to be and is non judgemental about the daftness that sometimes surrounds me; he even supports my irrational need for kittens at regular intervals.

Next is my son - always entertaining and sometimes frustrating.  There is never a dull moment with him around but there is only so much Pokemon one woman can take!  He was the apple of my eye when he was born and is now the mature fruiting tree of my life - look at that metaphor, stretched to breaking point!

Then there is my wonderful, sensible sister and her family - my handsome brother-in-law, the cleverest person I've ever met and their marvellous, sporty son.  I wish we lived nearer to them so we could see them more often, I wish I was better at phoning for a gossip but it's always a pleasure to get together - she makes great soup and is always up for a glass of wine!    

My mate Kathryn is a favourite person too.  I met her through work and, although we no longer work together, she's a great pal and we have regular chats over coffee and cake' such a pity she's a Man U fan!

My lovely Post Circle friends deserve a mention - Corrina, Anna, Nic &Char - I'm sometimes bad at writing promptly and we've never met in person but it's lovely to hear from them and get to know there lives.  I have a couple of Twitter mates - Mairi and Faith - who I 'meet' on Saturday to gossip about Strictly and they're great fun!  They make Strictly more fun!

Now I'm allowing myself a little fantasy in the topic.  Some of my favourite people on the planet make the music that I adore - obviously I have to mention Radiohead who are a bit of an obsession for my husband and me.  But most of all I mean Sigur Ros - their music is so wonderful, ethereal, touching and moves me in a way no music has ever done before.  I'm planning to have some Sigur Ros at my funeral; it's the music I imagine sounds closest to the music of heaven.

So there they are, my favourite folk.  Hope I've not offended anyone by forgetting them!

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  1. Aww :)
    I am the worst offender in the post circle group, I haven't written in ages!!! But it's nice we are on twitter and both blogging now :)xxx