Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Prompt - Fire


Gather round the fire on a chilly winters day.
Warm you hands, your face, your derriere.
Rub your hands together, hold them near the flames.

Toasting forks at the ready, crumpets are impaled.
Keep them moving, keep them turning.
Slowly warming, slowly toasting, ready to be buttered.

Early morning ritual, Dad on his knees at the hearth.
Scraping, brushing out the ashes, pop them in a bucket.
Sooty, messy ashes, dumped in the back yard.

Scratchy strike of match on box, sulphury smell.
Deep inhale, slight cough, best cigarette of the day.
Cupping the precious cargo, safe from wind and rain.

Towering pile of timber, cardboard , pallets, paper.
Excitement building, children jumping about, anticipation growing.
A blueish flash, a crackle in the air, the bonfire starts to glow.

Driftwood gathered on the beach, piled between a circle of stones.
Bottles clinking, laughter and singing, a warm summers night.
Fire building, faces glowing, capturing a moment of teenage madness.


  1. Love this, so many types of fire, each described so evocatively. So sorry for taking so long to comment, this blog break of mine seems to be getting longer! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    1. Thanks for commenting Sara, always lovely to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed my firey little offering!

  2. Beautiful imagery throughout. Loved reading the many interpretations of routine fires. #prose4T

    1. Thank you Vai. I'm glad you enjoyed my musings on fire.

  3. so much imagery, different fires all described brilliantly loved this #Prose4T

  4. This really does encompass the feeling of a bonfire - so descriptive. I love it! Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought and hope to see you tomorrow x