Tuesday, 3 November 2015

##BEDN - Food Glorious Food

So today's prompt is all about food so I thought I'd share my favourite foods.

Cheese. How much do I love cheese? I'm not a huge fan of blue cheeses but I'm coming round to them as I get older. But I just love cheese. My favourite cheeses are Red Leicester, Halloumi and Mozzarella. However don't get the idea that I only like mild cheeses - a hunk of strong cheddar is a thing of beauty.

Mushrooms. These are good raw or cooked but I love them on a pizza dripping with melted cheese. I'm also a fan of mushrooms on toast and bread crumbed mushrooms with garlic butter. A big field mushroom with Halloumi in a bun makes a great veggie burger.

Pasta. I love a good pasta dish but as they're 'bad carbs' I only have them occasionally. I'm a sucker for a pasta and creamy sauce dish. But a nice spicy tomato sauce is just as good and better for the calorie content too!

Chocolate. How can anyone not love chocolate? I've yet to meet a chocolate dish that I didn't love. In fact in my youth I was challenged to eat a dog biscuit dipped in chocolate and I did - tasted OK too! I love a good chocolate mousse but a favourite from school dinner days was chocolate sponge with chocolate custard - mmm!

Potatoes. I love all things potato - chips, mash, roasties but above all crisps! I adore crisps, all flavours, all types. I've been banned from eating crisps recently as they are 'bad carbs' too but I still crave them occasionally. I've not given in to the temptation as yet but I hope one day to have enough self control that I can have a few crisps again, without scoffing the whole family size packet by myself.

So there we go, my favourite foods. You can tell that I don't get to go to Michelin starred restaurants very often (only once actually!) but I do have my favourites and they bring me joy and I never tire of eating them. 


  1. Love everything but cheese. I don't mind soft cheese or feta but not hard cheese unless it's in a sauce. #bedn

    1. In that case Soosie, pass the cheese board to me and I'll finish them up for you!

  2. I had to give up cheese due to my exzema, it was hard and I still do miss it quite a lot. But Mushrooms I love as well, I eat them at least five times a week with with meals!!