Monday, 2 November 2015

#BEDN - Love Mondays

Dear Johanne,

I know you don't like getting up early after two days of sleeping in late. 6.30am is a rubbish time to get up, especially in the long, dark winter mornings but the cats need breakfast and a packed lunch won't make itself.

I know that the weekly shop can be a slog, especially on those mornings when you forget to take the shopping list with you. I know that the temptation of the crisp aisle is strong but you're doing so well avoiding buying them.

I know that sometimes it seems that the week stretches out forever and the weekend will never come - bring on the footie!

By the time the evening quizzes are on TV your brain can be frazzled but thankfully your genius son can supply some much needed intelligence to help your poor old brain.

I understand that sometimes it's tempting to make the start of the week a chance to start over, to begin again but it can be too much for one day to handle, setting you up for failure. Failing is something that you fear so I'm sorry I can't make things go more smoothly.

So slap on a smile and we'll make this week the best it can be. It's a new beginning, after all - no pressure!




  1. The best introduction to the week I've read in a long while

    1. Thank you for that kind comment Anonymous. I love the air of mystery about you too!