Saturday, 28 November 2015

#BEDN - The C Word (not that one!)

As November draws to a close I have to admit that the C Word is approaching.

I know lots of folk are really organised and on top of stuff already - I have read about fully decorated trees, completed present buying and addressed and stamped cards! Some lovely posts are up about trips to visit Santa and mince pie making.

Then there's me. So far I've procrastinated about making a pudding - it will be done this weekend! - and ignored all things festive. I guess as November is coming to an end I'll have no excuse not to get moving.

I have no idea what to get anyone as a gift nor do I know what I'd like. Well, that's not strictly true. I have several ideas but nothing that I've vocalised. No lists to Father Christmas from me this year!

I don't know how many, if any, cards I need to get. I haven't even looked at the selection on offer yet. Sometimes I think sending cards is a nonsense but I do love getting them and it's a chance to catch up on news from those I don't see too often anymore.

I've ordered the turkey and planned the meal for the 25th and the first gin has been purchased. So maybe I'm not as disorganised as I thought! If there's gin in the house I can cope with most things!    

So I think I'll try to start feeling festive - but not until December arrives.


  1. We made sure we got our christmas supply of gin in already, from here on in anything else is a bonus!!

    1. Always good to get stocked up early, Natasha. No guarantee it will all last til Christmas though...