Thursday, 26 November 2015

#BEDN - Nostalgia

Let's get the old joke out of the way right now - nostalgia ain't what it used to be.

I've always loved a good wallow in the past, a good blast of nostalgia. When I want to pop back in time all I have to do is put the tunes from my teenage years on and I'm back there; back at school trying to catch a glimpse of the lad I fancied, hanging out with my girlfriends, trying the latest fashions, spending too much time reading Jackie and wishing David Cassidy would sweep me off my feet. I remember how it felt to be pining away with unrequited love for what's-his-name, how I knew I'd fade away if he didn't notice me, how even a distant glimpse of him would fill my heart with joy. Funny how I can't remember all their names now! But I do remember how bitter sweet teenage love was.

I also get nostalgic for the way life was way back when or at least how I remember it being. I miss being able to buy broken biscuits in the Food Hall of Lewis's; I miss watching Nula and Jane backcombing their hair; I miss mascara you spat into and the brush you scrubbed into it; I miss being able to wear brightly coloured tights, clogs and cheesecloth. In essence I miss being a teenager in the 70s. I even miss the winter of discontent and the power cuts - great excuse for not having done my maths homework!

Most of all I miss the freedom and friendship of my teenage school and college years. I have so many happy memories from those days and life seemed so simple back then - no responsibilities and no worries, well not serious, grown up ones anyway!

So let's wallow in a bit of nostalgia, pop Tiger Feet on and bop around the lounge pretending I'm 16 again...

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