Monday, 16 November 2015

#BEDN - Monday!

Well hello Monday, pregnant with possibilities!

Monday is the day that I always say I'll start any new venture. You know the sort of thing - 'I'll start the diet on Monday'; 'I'll go to the gym on Monday'; 'I'll get organised on Monday'; 'I'll start that new project on Monday'. It's all a bit much for poor old Monday to live up to.

Naturally when Monday comes around I don't do any of these things. I put it all off until another day and nine times out of ten that means it gets scrapped altogether. It's like New Year resolutions - fun to make but not really taken seriously!

Why do we hang such heavy things on one day? Monday has enough to cope with without being the day when we embark on new things and New Year's Day isn't that conducive to new plans - hangover, anyone? I don't recall anyone ever saying 'I'll start my new project on Thursday' yet it's as good a day as any to start something new.

So I'm giving Monday the day off. I've not planned any new ventures for today so Monday and I can relax and enjoy ourselves. All I'm planning to do is read my new baking book and sip Turkish apple tea. Time to pop the kettle on methinks ...  

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