Tuesday, 24 November 2015

#BEDN - Collections

There are many things that get collected. My father collected stamps. He had several albums in which he kept his collection, all carefully mounted. My sister and I had our own small collections but we never really got into stamp collecting. We were like magpies, collecting any stamp that caught our eye rather than having a definite area of collecting like Dad. We gave up the stamp collecting as we got older but Dad collected on and off all his life.

My Mum collected Lilliput Lane cottages. I could never understand what she liked about them; I always thought they were a bit twee. She always talked about how much work and detail went into each little model and I could see that. She liked to remember some of the cottages in her home village and talk about the people who lived there and these little models helped her to reminisce.

I never really got the collecting bug. I never found anything that I really loved, or loved enough to want to collect. I've got loads of notebooks but that's more because I can't resist a pretty notebook than I collect them. So when this prompt came up I was at a loss what I was going to write about.

Then I remembered that I do have one collection. Now please don't judge me too harshly, I know I'm a grown woman and I should know better but I can't help it. Sometimes I'm not as 'mature' as I ought to be and this collection proves that if nothing else. So I confess, I have an extensive collection of Pokémon cards. Yes, that's right, Pokémon cards. My son collected them for a while when he was younger but eventually lost interest. By this time we had acquired a couple of albums to store them in and most of the cards were waiting to be put in them. I started to sort the cards and put them in the albums. I enjoyed arranging them exactly as I wanted and liked looking at the pictures, remembering playing the games and collecting the Pokémon to beat the game. I confess that I did buy some packs of cards for myself (I might have said they were for my son...) and I got more involved in the collecting of the cards. There are some gaps in the collection and they released some for the newer games which I haven't played yet so there is scope for more collecting. In fact I may go and have a flick through the albums, check what cards I need to complete my collection... But what do you do when your collection is complete? Will I need to find something else to not-collect?

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