Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tuesday thoughts

Today I'm supposed to be writing about National Barbecue Week but the fact that it's drizzling out there means I'm not really inclined to think about barbecues at the moment.  So I thought I'd just ramble for a bit about things that have been going on.

Well, having mentioned it, I suppose I should start with the weather.  Yesterday was a Bank Holiday and thankfully we didn't plan to do anything specific ad the weather was in full Bank Holiday Monday mode.  We Brits have a love/hate relationship with the weather.  It is said to be a national obsession and it's certainly true that we spend a lot of time talking about it.  It's a safe opening gambit when you meet someone to comment on the weather. We also seem to think that the weather was much better in 'the olden days' and always refer to the long hot summers of our childhood.  Maybe we just remember the times we spent all day playing out in the sunshine rather than the days when we were cooped up from the rain!  The winter weather seems to go in the opposite direction with us only remembering the dreadful weather like the terrible wet weather and flooding this past winter.  My mother used to talk about the terrible snow in 1962 &63 when she had to trudge to school through snow drifts with me and my baby sister.

The other topic that's been keeping us talking over the last few days is the European Election.  My son sat up most of the night watching the results and tweeting.  I must confess that by midnight I'd had enough and went to sleep.  The death of the coalition has been predicted, various part leaders have been interviewed and the Daily Mail is getting its knicker in a knot about the rise of UKIP.  Personally I don't think I can bear a whole year of build up to the general election next year!  I tend to make my mind up which way to vote when I'm standing in the polling booth, although I've already decided who not to vote for by then.

I've written a piece about my Tourist Trap which may feature on another blog next month.  So if you feel like reading it  pop over to  suestrifles.wordpress.com and see what I have to say.
Here's a clue what it's about ...


Let's hope I can be more focused and less woolly tomorrow!


  1. Yes, Johanne, you'll be my guest blogger on 3 June. I don't know who is more excited, you as a first time guest or Sue’s Trifles hosting a guest blogger for the first time! Sue

    1. Oh good grief this is beyond exciting! I never imagined anyone would be in the slightest bit interested in anything I might write so thank you for having some faith in me.