Thursday, 1 May 2014

Is it that time already?

#BEDM begins today & I'm not ready!

Today's topic is 'What's your blog about?' - well, I really wish I knew!

When I decided to blog it was more as a way of 'forcing' myself to write & get my writing out of the closet & into the world.  However, that's not what happened.  I struggle to know what to write about so I often end up not writing at all, which rather defeats the point of the blog!

Also, I'm not very tech-savvy so my blog looks dull compared to most of the wonderful ones I follow - take a bow Elizabeth at Rosalilium & Char at Dinoprincesschar!  So I often feel disappointed with my poor little blog - it's not its fault but I don't know how to fix it.

The lack of direction in my blog mirrors the lack of direction in my life; I often feel that I'm being pulled down life's river without a map or any means of steering!  I think I need to get my  blog, and by extension my life, onto some track, especially if the aim of the blog is to promote my writing.

I also have a little bit of envy towards those blogs which have their own web address.  As a novice blogger I thought the only way to blog was through a site like blogger but now I've seen other blogs I realise that there may be more scope to get the blog 'out there' with a proper web address.  I'm often frustrated that I get few views & even fewer comments.

So there we are, a rudderless, lost blog with no focus - sounds like a mess to me!  Maybe this month's BEDM will give me the kick up the pants I need to sort it out & get it on track & buzzing.

Now to sort out my life while I'm at it ...    

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  1. I think BEDM is a great way to find out your direction and really think about what you want your blog to be! I took part last year, and I decided at the last minute that I would try again this year, and it really forces you to get things on track and be really organised!

    I have similar crises of confidence from time to time, but keep writing and you'll get there! :)

    Jane x