Sunday, 25 May 2014

Healthy Living

Today's #BEDM topic is healthy living so I thought I'd share a little about my recent foray into the world of the healthy.

I've never really thought about my health much, I've been lucky that I've not suffered any major physical ailments so I guess I took it all for granted. 

I didn't even have an epiphany when I was hit by an illness which made me re-assess my health and my lifestyle.

Several years ago my hubby and I joined a gym.  We both went a few times a week, followed a programme set up for us and thought we were improving our health and fitness.  Hubby was really good, sticking t the programme and getting totally sweated out each session.  I however soon reverted to type and started cheating.  I cut the time I spent on the machines and exercises, I missed attending on a few days and I never got sweaty or out of breath.

Needless to say hubby's fitness started to improve, he revamped his diet and started to lose weight and gain muscle. (No that's not him, so calm down dear!)

I stayed resolutely where I was and soon I was hardly attending the gym at all.  We cancelled my membership and I reverted to couch potato, my default setting.

Then I decided that I wanted to improve my fitness.  So I re-joined the gym and also signed up for an hours personal training each week.  As part of the package I had to reassess my eating habits.  This was difficult for me as suddenly all my staple foods were off limits - no bread, pasta, potatoes, cheese or crisps.  In came more quality protein (chicken - bye-bye veggie credentials!), quinoa, rye bread and high protein breakfasts to replace the cup of tea and slice of toast occasionally breakfasts I was used to.

So far I've lost 10kgs, gained some muscle and generally feel much better than I did before. But don't tell my PT that or he'll make me lift heavier!


  1. Great post with creative use of pictures! Well done you for making the changes & sticking to the plan! Popped by from #bedm
    Bee Happy and Healthy

  2. Thanks for popping over and commenting Clare! Yes, it's tough keeping to it some time - chocolate! - but I'm hoping that the end result will be worth it.

  3. Well done you!

    1. Thank you anonymous. It was certainly hard work and is continuing to be so!