Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lovely Stationery!

As it's Wednesday I thought I'd get involved in Paper Peep over at where people share their often irrational love of all things stationery.  As luck would have it I popped in to Paperchase yesterday to look at planners and by some strange coincidence I managed to buy some things!

So obviously I bought a planner!  There are lots of nautical print about and I was drawn to this jolly string of bunting.  It almost looks too nice to write on but I think I'll manage, I badly need to get my time organised so that I can begin to achieve everything I want to.

Now I didn't need a new notebook!  That being said, I couldn't resist this notebook as it has kitties on it.  The tiny book, which is slightly out of focus, has pretty shells on it.  Again, I didn't need it but it is so cute and will even fit in some of my tiny handbags so it came home too.

I'm a member of Postcircle so I'm always on the lookout for lovely stationery to use.  I was drawn to the shaped note cards as I've received a few of these from my Postcircle friends and I loved them.  So I got a pack ready to send out some happy mail!

Lastly I bought some postcards.  I've recently joined Postcrossing which sends postcards across Europe.  So far I've sent 2 but thought I'd get a few in and get involved again.  I'm not sure the cute cats one will get any further than my stationery box though!  I might share the contents of the box next week!

So there we are, this weeks papery acquisitions.  I didn't 'need' any of them but I'm sure I'll enjoy using them and they make me happy so who cares! 


  1. I feel that you totally needed all of them! Oh, I do love this, finding kindred spirits in this linky, as I just ordered a few stationery items, that I didn't exactly 'need' but obviously I did! I particularly like those shaped notecards and hope that the planner helps you to get organised :) Thanks for sharing with #BringBackPaper's #PaperyPeep x

    1. Thanks for you comment. I'm sure I needed all those bits and bobs, they leaped into my eager arms after all! I'm determined to organise myself and with such a lovely planner, how can I fail?