Wednesday, 21 May 2014

He blinded me with science!

My boys are both really into


so we try to attend anything science and maths related.  This week we have been lucky that there have been events in Oxford as part of Pint of Science, a world wide event where scientists share their knowledge and enthusiasm with members of the public.  In Oxford these took place in a city centre pub, hence the title!

Now I'm mathematically and scientifically challenged.  I dropped Chemistry and Physics at school before O Levels and failed to pass Maths until I was in my late 30s.  Not the natural  audience for maths and science talks you might think.  Well in the role of Good Wife and Mother I often go with the boys to these talks - I've seen Jim Al Khalili, Marcus du Sautoy and Richard Dawkins several times.

However I do have a certain amount of natural curiosity so I do enjoy these events.  I don't know how much I learn but it is always fascinating to listen to enthusiastic experts talking about their passion. 

On Monday night  we heard from Professor Alain Goriely who talked about left and right handedness in nature - why plants and other natural structures turn in  aright or left handed way. It was fascinating if rather baffling for a non-scientist like me.
On Tuesday night we heard from Professor Roger Davies who talked about Galaxies and Black Holes - how they formed, what they are and what will happen when the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy collide ! There was the added bonus of a set by Lieven Scheire, a very funny Belgian physicist and stand up comedian.  He attempted to explain special relativity using rockets and barn doors, gave us a who's who of Belgian physicists and stripped down from eight t-shirts to one!

The boys and I enjoyed both events  - I especially enjoyed the comedy aspect as it taxed my brain slightly less than the hard core science!

So if Pint of Science come near you, do go.  It's fun for non-scientists too!

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