Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Weekend Wake-up

#BEDM Day 3 & the topic is about how the days start at weekends.

My normal routine on Saturday is to ignore the radio when it goes off at 6.30 & hope that the cats will let me have a lie in!  At some stage my lovely husband will get up & make tea.  By the time the tea arrives I've usually got out of bed & had a wash etc. I drink the tea while deciding what to wear for the day - thankfully I don't have that extensive a wardrobe so I usually go for what's comfortable.  Then it's time to get out of the house, a quick trip to the supermarket & head for the gym.

Sunday is much the same but I have to remember to put the wine in the fridge & the joint in the oven & set the timer unless it's cheese butties for lunch!  Another trip to the gym which usually results with me deciding to have a leisurely breakfast & read my book rather than break into a sweat!     

Nothing very exciting about that is there?

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