Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday Style - Fabric Rant

I'm a plus size woman. This makes style and fashion a challenge at the best of times as most of the stylish clothes I'd love to wear aren't available in my size. But I've learnt to live with that over the years and try to make the best of what I can get in my size. Hopefully I'll reduce the size of my body with my fitness regime and some more stylish clothes will wing their way into my wardrobe but I digress...

My bugbear about plus size fashion is the rubbish fabric that plus size clothes are often made of. Why can't we have nice cool linens instead of polyester? Crisp cottons? Drapey silks and satins? Too many clothes are made out of clingy, sweaty man made fabrics which make me feel hot and bothered and oh so self conscious.

I know that if I were able to buy high end clothes than I would probably get a decent fabric but those of us who have to buy more low end clothes deserve to wear nice fabric too. I also know if I were better at dressmaking I could choose lovely fabrics to use.

So I've decided that I'm going to improve my dressmaking skills and start to practise what I preach, using beautiful fabrics which feel good and make me look good. If any manufacturers out there make plus size clothes in nice fabrics I'd love to hear who they are so I can check them out so do share any you may know.

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