Saturday, 1 August 2015

Friday Fitness - Positive Progress

Week 3 of Lose & Shape Up at David Lloyd Oxford and things have been going well.

I've lost 0.5 kg ( my scales say more but let's stick with the official ones for now)
I've gained a kilo of muscle, lost 1% body fat and improved my hydration by 1%. All this is positive and very encouraging.

I haven't found the changes to lifestyle too difficult. This week I had to write down what I was eating so Paige could check I was getting the 40:30:30 ratio right and she was happy with my progress so far, even though she recommended increasing the amount of protein a little.

I was the only one to turn up for the session so I had a 1:1 Boxercise session with Paige which was tough but enjoyable. There's something really satisfying about hitting things really hard (although I did end up with a bruise on my knuckle for my trouble!)

Next week's goals are to avoid crisps (hmmm, crisps...), write down how much water I'm drinking and get a gym programme in place.

Here's to more progress next week - bring it on!

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