Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday Fitness - Favourite Exercise

Today's Lose & Shape Up class was cancelled so I have no numbers to share with you today. Unfortunately I was already on my way to David Lloyd when they tried to get hold of me and naturally I didn't have my mobile with me. However I did a short session at the gym so it wasn't a totally wasted morning - I did some intervals on the bike, some weight machine exercises and a brisk walk on the treadmill. Not Boxercise I know but it was better than nothing.

I'm hoping that missing a week means I get some awesome numbers next week but as my stupid scales have been stubbornly stuck at the same weight all week I'm not so sure - admittedly my scales say I've lost 2 kg and David Lloyd's say 0.5 kg so who knows what will happen?

I'd also like to get a spin class in next week. I haven't been to one for a long time but I always enjoyed them so I must get something booked.  

I thought I'd also share my favourite exercise today. I love deadlifting. There's something very satisfying about lifting a heavy weight. It realises all sorts of pleasurable chemicals in the body like endorphins and dopamine. There is also a great feeling of accomplishment when lifting something heavy. I don't do enough dead lifting so I think it may be time to venture into the free weight area when the big boys aren't around and try some lifting!

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