Sunday, 9 August 2015

Read and Write - Much Ado About Nothing

On Sunday hubby and I went to the Bodleian Quad to see the Globe on Tour production of Much Ado About Nothing. This is an annual event for us and a trip that we both look forward to.

We enjoy a matinee performance as it gives us a chance to have a meal in Oxford before the performance. This year we went to Pizza Express and I managed to stick to my health eating plan by having a Superfood Salad which was delicious and very filling - lettuce, spinach, broccoli, avocado, goat's cheese, beetroot and pine nuts.

We lie to sit 'front and centre' to get the best view of all the action and this year was no exception. This is the view of the stage from our seats.

The Globe On Tour always seem to use a stage like this which is reminiscent of the original Elizabethan stages where Shakespeare's works would have been first staged.

The Bodleian Quad is a lovely setting as well and the stonework really glows when the sun shines.

Despite my better judgement I'm including a picture of me waiting patiently (and excitedly!) for the performance to start...

The performance was wonderful; funny, energetic, accomplished. Some of the actors had appeared as part of the Globe On Tour Company in the past and it was lovely to see them again. My favourite performances were from Alex Mugnaioni as evil Don John and bumbling Dogberry; Christopher Harper as Benedick; and Emma Pallant as Beatrice. Although the whole company were terrific. The musical numbers are a particular delight in the Globe On Tour performances - every member of the company plays an instrument and sings competently (that sounds like damning with faint praise but it's not meant to be)

The lovely weather, interval ice creams and plenty of wicked/filthy humour made for a super Sunday afternoon and I'm already looking forward to next year - I wonder which play they'll be doing?      

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