Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Read and Write - My Son's Birthday

For today's Read and Write I'm being a little indulgent. Today is my son's birthday so I thought I'd pop down a few thoughts about how he has impacted on my life over the years. I hope I won't embarrass him too much but then again, that's what Mum's are for, isn't it?

Over the years you've bought so much joy to my life. As a baby you were the cutest thing I'd ever seen, and I've seen kittens! Every Mum thinks their baby is perfect but when you were born I was amazed that I'd managed to produce such a perfect little person - and yes, I know your Dad had a small part to play but after all that effort I was feeling a personal sense of achievement.

I longed for the day you said your first word, desperate to hear what your voice would sound like. In the years that followed you never stopped talking - sometimes that wasn't such a joy but you often had such interesting things to say. You invented new words for things and we soon learnt to interpret but to this day we have no idea what you meant when you pointed through the car window and shouted 'Paywoll!'

You grew into a thoughtful young man with so much promise, even though some failed to appreciate your unique take on the world. You could startle with an observation or start a conversation that wandered down many a blind alley or took off at a tangent. You struggle to find your way in a world that doesn't seem able to accommodate your particular talents but you insist that all is well when we fret and worry. The future stretches out before you and you have no map - I worry that you may lose your way but Mum's always worry about something, don't they?

I am proud to call you my son. You are a unique and special person who brightens my life and frustrates me in equal measures. Don't stop being the man you are and never compromise to suit the conventions that you so despise.

Happy Birthday!  

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