Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thought for Thursday - Why I blog

Thought for Thursday

This is the first post in my weekly Thought for Thursday series. I aim to share a few thoughts each Thursday on a variety of topics. Some posts will be musings on a variety of words that inspire me; some posts will look at events in my life, my world and the world in general.
This week, as I launch the new look blog, I thought it would be a good time to think about why I write a blog.

I started this blogging thing many years ago. Lots of people were doing it and talking about it so I thought I'd better check it out. I had no idea what I was doing and the first two blogs I started died a quiet and unloved death in some corner of the blogoshere. Then I started this blog under it's old name. I posted every now and then about anything and everything. It was a bit of fun and it kept me happy for a while.

As I got more involved in the blogging community - following other blogs, taking part in weekly linkys, making virtual blogging friends - I saw the whole area of blogging differently. I saw it as a place that I could start to explore various parts of myself. I could share some of my writing - scary though that I sometimes; I could muse about things that I thought were important; I could connect with like minded people and share something of our journey through life.

Then I wanted more. I wanted to feel really connected with a wide variety of people. I wanted to integrate blogging more closely into my life. I wanted to be more than just an occasional blogger. Hence the re-vamp - I thought I needed a new look to symbolise my new attitude to blogging.

I've now got a whole schedule of posts planned. I'm super excited about all of them and I hope you enjoy them. I'm planning to share a journey I'm beginning to improve my health and fitness - trust me, it'll be a long and difficult ride; I'm a lazy, greedy person! I'm going to be sharing more of my reading and writing with you - that's scary as I tend to keep my writing close to my chest. I'm going to be looking at style and beauty when you get as old as me - damn this dry hair and rubbish skin! There must be products out there that can help the older woman look and feel like a million dollars (and I don't mean green and wrinkly!)

So my new, improved blogging journey has begun. I hope you will join me as it unfolds.  

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