Thursday, 23 July 2015

Thought for Thursday - Same Old Thing ...

A few weeks ago I was strolling through Debenhams having a browse when I noticed a gentleman walking towards me, scanning the rails. He was casually dressed in jeans and a blue check shirt. Nothing noteworthy about that you say. No, except he was holding in his hand three shirts on their hangers - all various types of blue check. Now I've heard of finding your signature look but only buying blue check shirts?!?

It got me thinking about how often I choose the familiar rather than try out something new.
So I confess, I don't like change. I'm happiest when surrounded by familiar things and folk. That makes me sound anti-social and I do like meeting new people but I get into a bit of a tizz before I do. My week tends to follow the same pattern - Monday is supermarket shopping, laundry and ironing; Wednesday is meeting hubby at the gym day; Friday is fitness day; Saturday is shopping and gym (with a lovely breakfast). I get quite stressed if anything crops up that means I have to change my routine. I don't have many new friends, preferring the ones I've had since college.

So does this make me boring? Should I be embracing new challenges and experiences?

The truth is change scares me. Even changing the look of my blog was a fraught experience. I agonised over using a new font, putting an image on the header, using new colours ... You get the picture. I'm always concerned that I won't like the new thing/look; that I'll have to put up with something that doesn't suit because changing again would be even more traumatic; that the new thing will make me sad/nostalgic for the old thing.

I love familiarity, I love vintage, I love nostalgia. I also love the convenience of new technologies, even if it takes me an age to really embrace them. So I face a dilemma; should I leave things the way they are or should I try the new?
I think I'll have to challenge myself to try some new things, to change some things, to rearrange things a bit.
But maybe not today ... I'll think about it tomorrow. 

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