Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday Style - Plus Size Style

What is 'Plus Size Style'? Is there such a thing? Can it be that all plus size women have a similar style?

Look around any office, shopping centre or high street in any town or city across the country. You will see lots of different people. All ages, all shapes and sizes, all different. Some will be plus size. They all look and dress differently. Is it possible to pick out the 'Blonde Style', the 'Tall Style', the 'Mature Man Style'? No? Then why should we assume there is such a thing as a 'Plus Size Style'?

If you look at any of the inspiring plus size blogs you will see a whole varieties of styles. There are plus size Goths, plus size Rockers, plus size vintage fashion fans, plus size fashionistas, even plus size models. Every woman, whatever her size has to find her own style. Being a plus size just makes it a bit harder to source what you want to wear.

I'm not in the first flush of youth (clue's in the title guys!) but I'm struggling to find my style. I know what I like and what I don't, particularly when it comes to clothes for me to wear rather than clothes for me to admire on other people. I don't like clothes that are too fitted, they make me feel self conscious. That's why I've always like the loose, flowing styles of the 1970s. I like to wear colour but I don't know which ones suit me - I choose pink and purple but this could be out of habit. I don't suit jackets but maybe that's because I've never found the style of jacket that suits me. I have a terrible habit of wearing leggings because they are comfortable but I'm sure I look terrible in them.

So how do you find your style in your 50s with only a husband and son to help (they always say I look ok which is no help!)?  I'm hoping that the research I do for the blog will help. Any suggestions?

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