Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Fitness - My Journey So Far

Friday Fitness

This is the first in a weekly series of posts documenting my journey to better fitness. I thought that for the first post I'd look back at my journey to the unfit old body I have at the moment!

I was never a sporty child. Games lessons were a trial for me. I never managed to perfect the forward roll or a handstand against a wall. At least the world was rarely treated to a view of my knickers! Primary school games lessons could be spent hiding under the climbing frame or at the far end of the sports field picking wild flowers. Secondary school was a nightmare - last to be picked for any team, not wanting to join in at all, terribly self conscious about how I looked when running, jumping or having the dreaded after games shower. I began to find ways of avoiding games lessons and I think I just got forgotten about by the PE staff. I enjoyed playing tennis, mainly because I liked flirting with the lads who were doing athletics, but it was difficult to get on the tennis courts if you weren't a favourite of the PE teacher so I spent more time doing something, anything rather than any physical exercise.

When I went to college I dabbled with the odd game of squash with a friend. We were both rubbish at it and spent more time giggling and falling against the walls than playing squash. There was no organised physical activity at college so those of us who were lazy had no reason to get involved in anything active or sweaty (keep it clean out there!)

I tried a few exercise classes - I went to aerobics with my sister, we really enjoyed the G & T in the bar afterwards! It wasn't something I felt I needed or wanted to do.  Several years ago I joined a gym with my husband; I spent more time in the members lounge than the gym. Slowly I started to use the gym more and even took spin classes. Some exercise classes weren't for me - I tried a Combat class, lasted 15 minutes and then fled in tears!

So I have a chequered past with fitness and exercise. You may be asking 'Why on earth is she starting a fitness post series?' A very good question! The truth is I'm very unfit. That's not good for my health now and certainly not good for my future health. A recent visit to the doctor made me realise that, while things are ok at the moment, I'm potentially storing up some major health problems for the future. My family history tells me that. So I'm trying to be a grown up about it and make some changes to my fitness while I still can.

I'm planning on attending the gym on a regular basis. I'm not going to stick to a rigid plan to start with - I think it's more important that I get into a routine and get comfortable in the gym before I start any classes. I'm going to look at the variety of exercises and types of kit that I can use at the gym. I also hope to talk to some members of the gym team and get some advice about exercise of the older woman.

So look out your sports bras and join me on a journey to better fitness. The worst that can happen is that we bond over a G & T in the bar afterwards!



  1. I'm up for this too!

    1. You are more than welcome to join me on my dysfunctional journey! Hope you're better at it than me...