Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Fitness - So, How Did It Go?

Toady was D-Day. Time to find out how all my attention to detail with regard to nutrition had gone.

Disappointingly I lost no weight this week. Now normally that would be enough to send me into a tail spin of binge eating. This time however I had other data to show that things were moving in the right direction. I lost body fat and gained muscle mass. I also improved my hydration. So all good. Paige told me that sometimes it takes a week or so before the changes manifest themselves as weight loss. She was happy with the changes I have made and with the progress so far, so I am happy too.

 This coming week I have to get at least 2 sessions at the gym under my belt, especially as I had an interesting session today involving fainting, a banana and a bottle of Lucozade! I have also promised to avoid crisps all week - they are a major problem for me as I find it impossible to eat just one bag. In fact I can eat a whole multipack of crisps in one sitting!

So on Wednesday I have an appointment to sort out a gym programme with Ruth at David Lloyd. And I intend to do a cardio session this Sunday - a bit of rowing and cross trainer work.

So here's to a successful week and better numbers next week. 

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