Friday, 10 October 2014

Word of the Week

Oh hello Friday & Word of the Week. You've come round again rather quickly.  For once I've not struggled to think what I should choose as my word.

This week has been one of achievement for me.  Not earth shattering achievements it's true but ones which have made me feel happy. Life has been fairly stagnant for me over recent months and this has made me feel low.  Not depressed-low but not my usual self.  I've doubted that I have  anything more to contribute to life and this has knocked my self-esteem, never the healthiest but better than it was at the start of the week.
After several months of silence I've heard from the website I have written for in the past and there is a chance to do some more writing for them.  This makes me happy as I can exercise my writing muscles and use some of my brain.  It will also give some structure to my time as I can schedule time to write and work again.  I'm terrible at procrastinating and letting time fritter away so the chance to have some structure to my days will be good for me.
After thinking about it for months I finally got my sewing machine out.  It was hard work, the blooming thing weighs a ton! I started small using Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes.  I cut out and sewed a head band.  I know, it's not high fashion but it was so good to do some sewing after many years.  It was good to start small as I needed to get the hang of the machine again - she's a bit of a temperamental old bird (like her owner!)     
I've recently started going to spin classes at the gym after a break from them.  Yesterday I took a different class to my usual one and it was hard!  Twenty minutes in and I was suffering.  A little voice in my head said 'Get of the bike and go straight to the shower, this is too hard'  But I gritted my teeth and carried on.  I got to the end of the class, dripping sweat and knackered but boy, did I feel a sense of achievement!
So this week I had some achievements.  I feel really great about them and I'm happy to celebrate them here.  For a change I feel positive that I will achieve more next week and am looking forward to what it will bring. 
Feeling positive?  Who is this person and where has the old pessimist gone?


  1. Great word and such a positive week! Senses of achievement all round for you, and it's great you'll have the writing work to schedule your days, too. Here's hoping next week is positive, too :) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling so positive & well done for hanging in there at the fitness class! x

  3. Congratulations! Small steps but positive ones! I'd love to get a writing job for a website or magazine but I reckon there's loads of competition out there? I guess it's a matter of pushing for the work? Great word of the week. X #wotw