Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Sewing with Tilly & the Buttons

I never intended this blog to be a sewing or knitting blog - I'm no expert and also rather slow to complete projects so if I did make this a sewing or knitting blog then the posts would be few and far between.

However, after many months of procrastinating I finally dusted down the machine, wiped the rust of the hinges and set it up.  Now I'm not a techno-babe by any means but this is old school even by my standards.

This is my Mum's old machine, a Victor Deluxe according to the metal plates screwed to its incredible metal carcass.  This is one serious sewing machine.  It weighs a ton, a two hand and bend the knees to get it on the table job.  A good work out before you even start sewing!  I've 'misplaced' the instruction manual so had to thread it by trial and error - actually I was surprised how much I remembered.
I'd already cut out the Brigitte scarf pattern from Tilly and the Buttons excellent book ' Love at First Stitch' so all I had to do was pluck up the courage to start sewing.  So finally this afternoon I bit the bullet and pressed the foot pedal to become a sewer again.
And here it is, my first sewn 'garment' for about 15 years!
My camera phone isn't that good but it's a blue background, cats and keyboards print cotton.  I love it and even though I think I look like a twit in it, I intend to wear it loads.

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