Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my wedding anniversary - 32 years and counting!

I was thinking about my wedding day last night as I lay in bed.  How nervous I felt; how disorganised the morning felt (too many people in the house and nowhere to get away from them); how quiet it all went when everyone left me and my Dad alone before setting off for the church; how stiff with lacquer my hair was!  The whole day seemed to pass in a blur but somewhere in the house is a legal document that proves we did it - that and some rather dodgy 1980s photos!  When I look at those I'm amazed at how young we both were back then and I get a little teary over the folk who are no longer with us.  Sentimental old thing, me!

So today I remember a younger version of myself who was sick with nerves, a bit excited but had no idea what this journey would be like.  Oh and lots of love to the other half who is obviously a saint for putting up with me for all these years! 

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