Monday, 9 January 2017

National Obesity Awareness Week

Today is the start of National Obesity Awareness Week and I thought I should investigate it as a plus size person.

Obesity is possibly the biggest health issue of the 21st century. Statistically people in the Western world are bigger and heavier than at any time in human history. Over 50% of adults in America and Britain are classified as obese. As a nation which is getting bigger we open ourselves up to many new healthcare issues. Already hospitals are having to invest in beds capable to accommodating heavier patients. These beds are more expensive than traditional hospital beds and this investment means that money cannot be spent elsewhere in the health service. Heavier people have health issues such as diabetes, joint problems and cardiac problems. All this has an impact on the budget of the health service which is already stretched. Other services are having to adapt to the heavier clientele - undertakers are having to provide larger coffins and graves are bigger to accommodate them. And don't get me started on plus size clothing - why is it so hard to find nice clothes in beautiful fabric and so expensive?

Now having nailed my colours to the mast as a plus size woman you would think I was ashamed to be part of these statistics. Well, in a way I am. I have always struggled with my weight, trying every diet under the sun and failing at them all. Of course I put more weight on each time and that has been my life for as long as I can remember. Luckily I have not suffered any health problems as a result of carrying extra weight but I am acutely aware that this state of affairs could change any day.

National Obesity Awareness Week is designed to give people a chance to reflect on the reasons for their obesity and make changes that will benefit their health. They encourage you to think about food choices, snacking behaviour and whether more movement could be incorporated into their life.

So in the spirit of joining in I am going to try to plan my meals so I can make sensible choices. I have never been much of a meal planner but plenty of people have told me that it is so easy to stay in control of food if you're properly planned. I've even bought stationery to help so what excuse do I have?

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